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Compare CRM Software Systems: vs ACT! vs Microsoft CRM vs SugarCRM

The world of CRM Softwares for Small Business has clearly heated up in the last year. Let’s take a look at what the top vendors have done: Microsoft has already upgraded their latest version, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 online and on-premise. SugarCRM released version 6 and is moving toward version 7 in the next year. Sage ACT! released ACT! 2013 Premium and is moving toward the cloud with Sage ACT hosted. And Salesforce is excited about their Spring release. With all these, and many other, top-notch CRM solutions, the task to compare CRM Software has become quite challenging and confusing.

Let’s take a look at the keys to comparing CRM softwares. Let;s get started with several CRM Comparison videos I have recently made.



CRM – Compare how Stable and Cloud-oriented is the Manufacturer

In our trend research, the CRM software market seems to be consolidating. Although there will always be a place for Contact Management tools, especially among SMBs, the market is trending to more compete solutions. Contact Managers will be required in the B2B world, while B2C companies will be searching for robust and complete CRM systems. That means stable products that “just work” and don’t require much troubleshooting. Typically this will be found in online products – as stability is much easier to manage in a web product.

Compare CRM Software: Simplicity of the CRM Rollout

Find out how easy it is to implement a particular CRM system. Again, please note that this is usually simpler with a web based CRM system.

CRM Softwares – Compare User Interfaces

When you compare CRM software – in your product demonstrations and tests, make sure that you think hard about how easily your users will be able to actually use the software. For example, if you are a Microsoft Office based company, then a product such as MS CRM 2011 might make more sense. If you visually compare CRM software systems such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM and ACT, you will notice clear differences. SugarCRM and Salesforce have similar interfaces, yet one requires more scrolling and clicking than the other. ACT and Saleslogix have likely the most flexible interfaces. Yet, in our experience, the flexibility of the GUI (graphical user interface) can sometimes cause a slight lag in the speed with large numbers of records.

Compare CRM Softwares – Long-Term Pricing and Costs

Comparison of CRM Pricing and Costs. Your will obviously be comparing costs of your CRM system. We advise you to not just focus on the initial hosting/licensing and implementation costs – but to make sure that your 3 year TCO (total cost of ownership) is alligned with your budget. To be sure, each vendor will do their best to provide you a great initial cost. But we have seen some manufacturers substantially increase their costs after a 12 or 24 month period.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Free Analysis PDFComparison CRM-Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce

==>Click here<== to receive our Free Analysis of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM stacks up with

CRM-Compare based on these topics:

  1. vs Microsoft CRM
  2. Pros and Cons of SaaS vs On-premise CRM
  3. Crucial User Adoption Factors
  4. Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft CRM

Sugar CRM 6 - Free CRM Assessment PDFFree CRM Softwares Assessment of SugarCRM

==>Click here<== to access our Free Sugar CRM Evaluation PDF.

With this document, you will be able to identify the key enhancements within Sugar CRM.

Topics addressed include:

  1. Calculated Fields
  2. Favorites and Favorites Dashlet
  3. Twitter and Social Media integration
  4. Reporting (filtering, scheduling)
  5. User interface improvements (there are many!)
  6. Sugar Mobile 1.0 details
  7. and much more.

Free CRM TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator ToolFree TCO Calculator for CRM Projects

Click here to access our Free CRM TCO Calculator Tool.

CRM-Compare with this tool, and you will be able to identify the key TCO line items that are relevant for any CRM implementation. We have also included data to compare CRM software systems such as Microsoft CRM,, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix and more. You will be able to view the 3 Year and 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership for both SaaS (Online/On-Demand) and Licensed (On-premise) pricing models.

Comparison-CRM TCO budget items include the following:

  1. Annual License/User price
  2. Support
  3. Hardware (incl. Server and Users)
  4. Implementation
  5. Staff
  6. Network
  7. Mobile
  8. and much more.

Free Excel CRM Comparison Tool - Comparing 10 of the Top CRM SolutionsCRM Softwares-Free Excel Tool to Compare CRM Software

CRM-Compare the various CRM packages with this Excel Spreadsheet that we created.

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With this tool, you will be able to identify the key similarilites and differences between 9 of the top CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage SalesLogix, GoldMine, Sage ACT!, Pivotal and more.

Comparison-CRM Topics include:

  1. Key CRM Features
  2. Pricing (Licensing, etc..)
  3. Available Modules (e.g. SFA, Marketing, Service, etc)
  4. Feature Details (Sync, Call Center, Quoting, E-commerce, Lead Management, Security, Workflow, and much more.
  5. Hardware and Network support (Microsoft, Linux, etc…)
  6. Industry/NAICS

Microsoft Dynamics Comparison: Salesforce vs CRM 2011 Webinar

Join us for our Microsoft Dynamics Comparison (ON DEMAND) webinar as we explore the points outlined below – and hope to provide you valuable insight about this top-rated CRM solution. We hope that our Microsoft Dynamics comparison with will help you on in your CRM evaluation.

Recorded Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Webinars registration

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