Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM – Detailed Comparison and Feature Analysis


Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs SugarCRM- Compared Side by Side

This blog covers in detail the differences between SugarCRM Professional and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Pros and Cons for SugarCRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The biggest Pro for SugarCRM in this comparison is the ease of use. Sugar is simply simple! It is fast and works on any device/browser, including Macs. If user adoption is your highest priority, then SugarCRM will be the clear favorite. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

The biggest Pro for Microsoft is the fact that it works right within Microsoft Outlook. It is built into Outlook, rather than being a plugin. If you love Outlook, you will love using Microsoft CRM within Outlook.

Sugar vs MS Dynamics – Comparison Chart/Matrix

Feature Comparison List

SugarCRM Professional

MS Dynamics  CRM 2011

Price / user / month $35 $44
Price / user / year $420 $528
User limits no limit no limit
Accounts Included Included
Activity tracking & history Included Included
Business to Business (B2B) configuration Included Included
Business to Consumer (B2C) configuration Included Included
Competitor tracking Configurable  
Contacts Included Included
Contract management Included Included
Customizable sales process Included Included
Document and integrated content library Included Included
Lead capture Included Included
Lead scoring, routing, & assignment Included Included
Opportunity genius    
Opportunity tracking Included Included
Product catalog & tracking Included Included
Quote management Included Included
Sales forecasing Included Included
Sales teams Included Included
Third-party sales methodologies Configurable  
Campaign dashboards Included Included
Campaigns Included Included
Email marketing Included Included
Intergration with 3rd party marketing automation Plugin  
Marketing campaigns Included Included
Marketing reports Included Included
Mass email Included Included
Mass email limits (emails per day) no limit  
Newsletter management Included Included
SMS Marketing Campaings Plugin  
Web to lead capture Included Included
Web to lead capture limits (leads per day) no limit  
Advanced case escalation and notification Included Included
Bug tracking Included Included
Call center Included Included
Case escalation and queuing Configurable  
Case management Included Included
Customer support email management Included Included
Knowledge base Included Included
Blogs Plugin  
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Included  
Citrix Online GoToMeeting Included  
Email Included Included
Facebook Included  
Google Apps Included  
LinkedIn Included  
LotusLive Engage Included  
Maps Plugin  
Sales Intelligence Included  
Social Collaboration with other employees Plugin  
Social Collaboration with customers Plugin  
SMS  Plugin  
Twitter Included  
Mobile Browser Access for smartphones Included Included
Mobile Browser Access for tablets Included  
Lite App for Android Included  
Lite App for iPhone Included  
Lite App for Windows Mobile   Included
App for Android (4) Add’l Fee  
App for BlackBerry (4) Add’l Fee  
App for iPad (4) Add’l Fee  
App for iPhone (4) Add’l Fee  
App for Windows Mobile   Included
# of Languages supported out of the box 22 41
Additional Language Packs Plugin  
Multi-currency support Included Included
Right to Left language support Included  
Customizable homepage by end user Included  
Email; Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook  Included Included
Email; Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes Add’l Fee  
Email; Gmail, Yahoo! And IMAP Mail support Included  
Email; archiving Included Included
Email; native email client Included Included
Email; templates & tracking Included Included
Email; Lotus Notes Domino Server Connector Included  
Google Docs integration Included  
Landing pages Included Included
Microsoft Word & Excel integration Included Included
Multiple home pages and dashboards Included  
Multi-tasking Included  
Offline access   Included
Reminders and alerts Included Included
Search – global search Included Included
Search – present results without navigating away from current module/object Included  
Shared calendar Included Included
Shortcut bar Included  
Tasks Included Included
Advanced charts Included Included
Analytic snapshots    
Custom reports Included Included
Custom report type limits no limit  
Customizable forecasting Included Included
Dashboards Included Included
Dashboards – customizable Included Included
Dashboards – multiple dashboards on homepage Included  
Dashboards – opportunities by lead source Included Included
Dashboards – sales pipeline  Included Included
Matrix reports Included Included
Pre-built Reports Included Included
Read-only report access Included Included
Scheduled reports Included Included
SQL reporting    
Activity management Included Included
Activity streams / Chatter Included  
Activity streams with social media integration Included  
Document management and attachments Included Included
Dynamic teams/Queues (1) Included Included
Employee directory Included  
Team notices Included Included
Workflow automation Included Included
Project management Included  
Gantt Charts and Grids Included  
Assignment notification Included Included
Calculated Fields Included  
Configure tabs Included Included
Convert lead form Included Included
Custom fields Included Included
Custom fields per Module/Object (1) no limit 213
Dependent dropdowns Included  
Drag-and-drop custom layouts Included Included
Image fields Included Included
Mobile Studio Editor Included Included
Workflow automation rules Included Included
Drag to customize home page Included Included
Embedded Mash-ups Included Included
Grouped Tabs/Custom Apps (1) no limit  
Rename fields, tabs and labels Included Included
Multiple tabs on the home page Included Included
Module Builder Included Included
Custom modules/custom objects (1) Included Included
Total custom modules/objects (1) no limit 200
Custom record types Included Included
Open Source Included  
PHP/Apex and code development (1) (3) Included Included
SugarLogic/Apex and (1) Included  
Test customizations in a development sandbox Included  
Cloud Connectors Included  
Integrated third-party apps (2) Plugin Plugin
My Portal Dashlets Included  
Web-services API (REST) Included  
Web-services API (SOAP) Included Included
Web-services API limits (calls per day) no limit  
Access control by User Included Included
Access control by Team/Group (1) Included Included
Access control by Role Included Included
Advanced password management Included Included
LDAP / Microsoft Active Diretory Included Included
SAML Support Included  
Data import Included Included
Data import de-duplication Included Included
Database backup/export (1) Included Included
Database backup in relational database format Included  
Multi-instance database Included  
Multi-tenant database   Included
Object database connectivity (ODBC) (3) Included  
Scheduled database backup/export (1) Included  
Scheduled daily database backup/export (1) Add’l Fee  
Support for Microsoft SQL Server (3) Included Included
Support for MySQL DB (3) Included  
Support for Oracle DB instance (3)    
Private Clould (On-Site hosted) Included Included
Partner Cloud (VAR or Service Provider hosted) Included Included
Public Cloud (EC2 or Azure hosted) Included  
Vendor Cloud (SaaS hosted) Included Included
Vendor Cloud document storage (5) 15GB 5GB

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Evaluation

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Free Analysis PDFClick here to access our Free Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analysis.

Topics addressed include:

  1. vs Microsoft CRM
  2. Pros and Cons of SaaS vs On-premise CRM
  3. Crucial User Adoption Factors
  4. Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft CRM

Free SugarCRM Assessment PDF

Sugar CRM 6 - Free CRM Assessment PDFClick here to download our Free Sugar CRM Evaluation PDF.

With this document, you will be able to identify the key enhancements within Sugar CRM.

Topics addressed include:

  1. Calculated Fields
  2. Favorites and Favorites Dashlet
  3. Twitter and Social Media integration
  4. Reporting (filtering, scheduling)
  5. User interface improvements (there are many!)
  6. Sugar Mobile 1.0 details
  7. and much more.

Free TCO Calculator for CRM Projects

Free CRM TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator ToolClick here to access our Free CRM TCO Calculator Tool.

With this tool, you will be able to identify the key TCO line items that are relevant for any CRM implementation. We have also included data for comparing CRM software systems such as Microsoft CRM,, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix and more. You will be able to view the 3 Year and 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership for both SaaS (Online/On-Demand) and Licensed (On-premise) pricing models.

TCO line items include:

  1. Annual License/User price
  2. Support
  3. Hardware (incl. Server and Users)
  4. Implementation
  5. Staff
  6. Network
  7. Mobile
  8. and much more.

Free Excel Tool to Compare CRM Systems

Free Excel CRM Comparison Tool - Comparing 10 of the Top CRM SolutionsClick here to  download our Free Excel CRM Comparison Tool.

With this tool, you will be able to identify the key similarilites and differences between 9 of the top CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage SalesLogix, GoldMine, Sage ACT!, Pivotal and more.

Comparison Topics include:

  1. Key CRM Features
  2. Pricing (Licensing, etc..)
  3. Available Modules (e.g. SFA, Marketing, Service, etc)
  4. Feature Details (Sync, Call Center, Quoting, E-commerce, Lead Management, Security, Workflow, and much more.
  5. Hardware and Network support (Microsoft, Linux, etc…)
  6. Industry/NAICS

Microsoft CRM On Demand Webinar

Join our On Demand Webinar series as we explore the points outlined below – and hope to provide you valuable insight about this top-rated CRM solution. We hope that our comparison with will help you on in your CRM evaluation.

Recorded Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Webinars registration

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Author: Mark Shaw, Director of Accent Gold Solutions, is certified in a number of CRM systems - including SAP CRM, SugarCRM and ACT! Having studied Business at the University of Massachusetts, he went on to consult several large Energy Utilities in the US and Europe - including designing a Sales Database for the largest European provider of Natural Gas. Using his unique combination of sales and marketing experience, Mark has set up and led successful sales teams for several firms, including Xerox.
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