Microsoft Dynamics CRM TCO (Gartner)

CRM 5.0 TCO Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Total Cost of Ownership

Please join us for our detailed TCO analysis of one of the leading CRM sytems on the Market, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

At Accent Gold, we are very encouraged by how competitively Microsoft CRM 2011 is pricing their CRM business software. Both Microsoft CRM as well as SugarCRM are specifically targeting the CRM empire. Both Microsoft CRM and SugarCRM have simpified their pricing structure in order to make it easier for customers to make “apples-to-apples” comparisons when evaluating CRM systems.

It seems clear that SaaS CRM has established itself as the financial pricing model to beat. Yet both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sugar CRM offer both online and offline models to provide a flexibility that cannot be entirely matched by Salesforce at this time.

Carol Bargabus and Chris van Staden, Microsoft Certified ConsultantsJoin our Microsoft certified engineers as they examine over a dozen aspects of TCO – and empower you to make the right decision when selecting your CRM.

This On Demand Webinar is hosted by Microsoft certified consultants Carol Bargabus and Chris van Staden.

JOIN OUR ON DEMAND WEBINAR as we examine Microsoft CRM 2011.

TCO of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Is it worth it?

We have done an in-depth TCO (Total Cost of ownership) assessment of Microsoft CRM 2011, and we are excited to reveal our findings in this webinar.

Join us for this webinar as we explore the below topics why we believe Microsoft CRM 2011 was designed to ensure maximal efficiency with limited budget.

  • -Quick implementation
  • -Affordable adjustment and customization
  • -User adoption
  • -Scalability
  • -Automate business processes

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers a whole range of more than 500 new features, changes, additions, add-ons and enhancements that promise to support Microsoft CRM’s position as a frontrunner in the CRM market.

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Mark Shaw

Director at Accent Gold Solutions
Author: Mark Shaw, Director of Accent Gold Solutions, is certified in a number of CRM systems - including SAP CRM, SugarCRM and ACT! Having studied Business at the University of Massachusetts, he went on to consult several large Energy Utilities in the US and Europe - including designing a Sales Database for the largest European provider of Natural Gas. Using his unique combination of sales and marketing experience, Mark has set up and led successful sales teams for several firms, including Xerox.
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