Marketing and Campaign Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Marketing Features

Microsoft CRM 4.0 and 5.0 2011 Marketing and Campaign Features

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes Best In Class Marketing Features

The days are long gone that CRM was only for Sales Reps. The evolution of CRM has advanced to the point that Marketing and Service modules are now expected in every CRM project. Not only do users expect CRM Marketing integration, but they also expect a high level of integration with CRM Campaigns and CRM Campaign Management.


The Battle of CRM Sales vs CRM Marketing

Having managed sales teams as well as developed CRM Marketing tools for large energy efficiency projects, I understand the battle that usually takes place between these two worlds. Marketing employees get paid on a salary basis, while Sales staff get paid on commission. Marketing managers have grand ideas of how much time the sales reps need to spend in the database – and they are typically disappointed.

Empowering the Marketing Department with CRM Tools

So how about empowering the Marketing staff with the right tools! Microsoft CRM has put together a fantastic list of features to help Marketing Teams achieve their goals.

  1. Segmenting Target Groups. Create static and dynamic lists based on multiple criteria.
  2. Lead Management. Lead Handling and Automatic Lead Routing to the proper Sales Rep
  3. List Managment and Easily Import
  4. Detecting and Removing Duplicates via rules
  5. Manage Communication Channels (E-mail, Letters, Calls, etc…)
  6. Campaign Management, incl. Campaign Life Cycle
  7. Campaign Analytics – in real time. Simplified Data Mining at your fingertips. Microsoft’s CRM Sharepoint solutions provide invaluable opportunities for reporting and dashboards.
  8. Quick Campaign Creation and Execution. Even re-use Campaigns
  9. Track responses, Interest levels and Interest Areas
  10. Manage Cross-Selling opportunities
  11. E-Marketing. Convert E-mail Responses to Leads or Opportunities
  12. Permission-Based Marketing. Stay compliant with laws!
  13. Enhanced User Adoption via Sharepoint and Outlook integration
  14. and more!


Microsoft CRM Whitepaper on Marketing and CRM Campaign Management

This article covers the many Microsoft CRM Marketing Features. For more details, we encourage you to  read the CRM Whitepaper.

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  2. Pros and Cons of SaaS vs On-premise CRM
  3. Crucial User Adoption Factors
  4. Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft CRM

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