Sugar CRM vs MS Dynamics CRM – Mobile CRM Comparison

Sugar CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sugar CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Mobile CRM Comparison

More and more businesses are demanding access to their data whilst on the move, and in real time.  Mobile CRM applications are coming on the market more and more, and the market is hot. Businesses realize that to retain their customer base requires far less work than creating new customers. Enhancing customer experience is where businesses focus their energy. Using Mobile CRM aids this goal.

CRM Feature Comparisons – Mobile

Research has now begun in comparing Mobile CRM with SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sugar CRM is available for iPhones and iPads, through the Sugar Professional or Enterprise editions. It now provides the ability to access and interact all the data available on the customer, whilst on the move. It also has the ability to log calls made to the customer through the iPhone app. Also what is quite useful is that by clicking on the address of a contact, this will automatically bring up the location on a Google Map. If the address has changed, any changes made on the iPhone are updated in real time and the necessity to synchronise separately is eliminated.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile

In further comparing Mobile CRM with SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we look at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This was launched globally in 2011 claiming to be able to increase productivity by 10%, have complete compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and back office systems. It also offers appealing graphics to enable a visual measurement of sales, marketing and services progress.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM claims to allow the user to access customer data from any web enabled device wherever there is connectivity. Budgets can be tracked, purchase approvals can be made, leads assigned. Naturally Microsoft Dynamics CRM works across other familiar Microsoft office products.

Sugar CRM Mobile

Mobile CRM with SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can, at face value, have little difference with what one can achieve whilst on the move in a sales role. Some of the defining features of Sugar CRM mobile is that it can be accessed on any iPhone or android device.  It is possible to customise what fields and modules are viewable by the user so as to decrease the amount of data that needs accessing. A copy of the CRM data can also be securely stored on the mobile device. However one significant difference is that Sugar CRM is open source. It also has collaborative integration with some popular applications like GoToMeeting, Google Docs and Lotus Live.

Mobile CRM Pricing Considerations

Subject to variation, when considering Mobile CRM with SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM there is a slight difference in the licenses. Sugar CRM can be purchased for $360 – $1200 depending on the version and this is for one user for one year. On the other hand Microsoft CRM has two year licences available for the cost of $930.

Mobile CRM with SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an interesting development and one that is consistent with the way the world economy is moving. Once again, it is up to a personal choice whether to deploy SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, both of which can aptly meet the demands of business growth, management and sustainability whilst maintaining a degree of flexibility for the mobile lifestyle of the 21st century.

Mobile CRM on Microsoft Slate Devices

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review

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