SugarCRM 6.6 Features and Review

Review of the New Features in SugarCRM 6.6

Sugar continues to meet and exceed expectations. They promise a lot – and, with few exceptions, they deliver. Sugar 6.6 is just another example. Below are the list of features to pay attention to in SugarCRM 6.6.

Let’s start out with an overview video of SugarCRM:

New Screen Options for Sugar

Sugar actually added this feature in 6.5.5, but I thought I would officially mention this here. In Sugar’s screen editor, you can now mix panels and sub-sections. That means you can separate the data into panels as before. But now you can also add panels as sub-sections within each panel. Thus panels can contain multiple sections now.

Moreover these sections can now be collapsed or expanded by default. So if you want your field section to be short so that you can more easily view your sub-panels, this is now easily done with the Sugar layout editor. You can now be as flexible as you want.

Speed improvements

Each version of Sugar brings more speed increases. Users will reap the benefits with this new version too!

Improved SugarCRM Customer Portal

SugarCRM Portal Features and Review

You may or may not be aware that each SugarCRM database comes with its own Customer Portal. Users on the Professional version will need to upgrade to Enterprise to be able to access their Portal though. The new SugarCRM user interface for the Portal is modern and fits right in with what one might expect from a cloud software.

Those that love Facebook and Linked In will be loving Sugar 6.6 as well. You can now configure your logo and your color scheme right within Sugar – no need to pay a web developer a penny. You can now also import new registered portal users as inside leads. There are now more options for users, including internationalization.

SugarCRM Global Full Text Search now includes the Customer Portal

In the past, Global Full Text Search functioned for the standard entities. But now this full text search in Sugar can also include the documents that have been uploaded via the Customer Portal. Very Cool indeed!

Customer Profile Management

In version 6.6, the Customer Profile provides Advanced management options such as being able to view only your team’s records.

Improved PDF Template Editor in SugarCRM

SugarCRM PDF Manager for Templates

Now with Sugar’s improved PDF Template Editor, users can create PDFs system-wide with a WYSIWYG editor – this includes quotes, accounts, opportunitess, etc…. Thus you can use this new functionality for anything that you’d like to create a PDF report for.

User can also now assign PDF templates to teams. Users can now easily define multiple PDF quote templates that are accessible only to sales employees dedicated to specific regions, offices, product groups, etc. Thus Sugar’s security now covers this feature too!

Also,there is now a Sugar PDF Manager module where PDF templates are stored. Think of this as pre-documents.

Improved Creation of Meetings and Call Records

In Sugar 6.6, users have two new options:

You can create recurring meetings and calls from modules, rather than just from the calendar.

Secondly, you can search for Contact and Lead invitees by Account.

Global Search Full System Indexing Notifications

Admins are now notified when such a search is complete.

Spell Check available in TinyMCE Editor

This new spell check applies to creation of all HTML messages and templates.

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Details addressed:

  1. Special Fields (e.g. Show-Hide)
  2. Related Fields (related to other modules/entities)
  3. Calculated Fields
  4. Configuring Dependent Drop-Downs
  5. Configuring Favorites
  6. Configuring the Favorites Dashlet
  7. Twitter/LinkedIn/Hoovers/Facebook/Social Media integration
  8. Report Options (grouping, filtering, scheduling)
  9. User Interface improvements
  10. Sugar Mobile features

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