SugarCRM Community Edition – Comparison of Features – with Professional and Enterprise Editions

SugarCRM – Comparison of CE, Pro and Enterprise Features

In this article, we compare the chief features in the various editions of SugarCRM – items each CRM decision maker needs to be informed of.

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SugarCRM Professional/Enterprise vs Sugar Community (CE) Edition

SugarCRM comes in two flavors: paid and free. The free version is called Sugar CE (Community Edition). The two most popular paid editions are Sugar Professional Edition ($30 per user per month) and Sugar Enterprise Edition ($60 per user per month).

SugarCRM Community Edition (free) Features

SugarCRM CE has several pros and cons. The biggest pro is the price. Sugar CE is free. Users simply download it and install it and they are good to go. Sugar Community contains the basic features everyone is looking for in a CRM system.

  • - Sales Management: Thus users are able to manage their Leads, Contacts and Accounts.
  • - Pipeline Management: Users can also manage their sales pipeline with the Opportunity module.
  • - User Management: Sugar CE also allows users to manage their users very nicely.
  • - Marketing: The Community Edition allows users to create Web-To-Lead forms to capture leads from the internet.
  • - Customization: Users can easily create and edit fields as well as screens. This includes custom modules. Modules can also be renamed.
  • - and much more. For more details check out this blog.

SugarCRM Professional Edition (paid) Features

On top of every feature in SugarCRM Community Edition, Professional users also have access to these features:

  • - Reporting: Users have access to the highly flexible and intuitive SugarCRM reporting module. Reports can be auto-emailed on a scheduled basis.
  • - Dashboards: Users can design dashboards such that the most important module KPIs are placed on a single screen and tracked in an overview screen. Reports (from the Reporting module) can also be placed on any Dashboard.
  • - Workflow: Users can create Automations and Workflows that will automatically perform specific tasks or send auto-emails — based on specified triggers.
  • - Team Management: Data can be visible/hidden depending on Team roles.
  • - Quote Management: Quote PDFs can be generated and sent from within SugarCRM
  • - Product Management: Sugar’s highly flexible and powerful Product module is now available within Sugar Pro.
  • - Calculated Fields: Fields can be mathematically calculated from other fields.
  • - Roll-Ups: Fields can be summed up from Sub-Entities. For example, Opportunity totals can be summed up to the related Account or Contact.
  • - Dependent Drop-Downs: Users can design their drop-downs to be dependent on the existing values in other drop-down fields.
  • - Show/Hide Fields: Users can design the screen such that specified fields will be hidden or visible based on criteria in other fields.
  • - Project Management: In the Professional Edition, users have access to the Project Management feature (a variation of Microsoft Project)
  • - Mobile Access: Users can login on their Mobile device and view SugarCRM data within the customizable Mobile screen. Very convenienet for uses of iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
  • - Hosting: Sugar will host the database in their OnDemand cloud environment if you like. Thus the time to get up and running can be reduced to 2 hours. That said, users are still able to host the product themselves.
  • - Tech Support: Sugar Professional comes with free Technical Support. Thus users can simply place cases on any bugs they find. Typically Sugar addresses these within 2-4 hours.
  • - Storage: Sugar offers 15GB of storage in the cloud for each database

SugarCRM Enterprise Edition (paid) Features

Enterprise offers all the features in Sugar CE and Sugar Pro — as well as these features below:

  • Customer Portal: Sugar provides a Customer Portal such that each contact can be provided a username and password and thus log in to a hosted Portal in order to upload/download documents as well as other features such as logging Technical Support tickets and cases.
  • Sugar Offline Client Sync: The Enterprise edition allows users to have an offline client that will then sync back with the cloud environment when the user has internet access again.
  • Sugar Offline Mobile: The Mobile App can be used in offline mode. It will then sync with the cloud when online access is available again.
  • Sugar SQL Reporting: Users who need more detailed data mining functionality can create their own SQL statements to access all tables in the SugarCRM database environment.


Sugar CRM 6 - Free CRM Assessment PDFFree SugarCRM Evaluation (PDF) Document

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Issues addressed:

  1. Special Fields (e.g. Show-Hide)
  2. Related Fields (related to other modules/entities)
  3. Calculated/Mathematical Fields
  4. Configuring Dependent Drop-Downs
  5. Configuring Favorites
  6. Using Dashlet/Dashboard
  7. Twitter/LinkedIn/Hoovers/Facebook/Social Media integration
  8. Report Options (grouping, filtering, scheduling)
  9. User Screen enhancements
  10. Sugar Mobile details

Free CRM TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator ToolFree TCO Cost Calculator for CRM Projects

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TCO Cost – Issues include:

  1. Yearly Subscription
  2. User price/cost
  3. Support/Service
  4. Hardware/Network (incl. Server/Users)
  5. Rollout
  6. Staffing
  7. iPad
  8. and much more.

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