CRM TCO White Paper-TCO Comparison of Microsoft, Sugar, SalesLogix, Salesforce, ACT, SageCRM

CRM TCO Comparison – Total Cost of Ownership Whitepaper

3 Year TCO Analysis - comparing 14 CRM Systems

Everybody wants to compare CRM pricing and features. But not even the Gartner analysis is able to truly cover all the necessary issues. A true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Comparison goes beyond this and includes future prices as well as many other factors.

Free CRM White Paper which includes a TCO Comparison of Microsoft, Sugar, SalesLogix, Salesforce, ACT, SageCRM

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The way companies use and pay for customer relationship management (CRM) applications is changing. Moving from a predominantly perpetual license-based system, where companies paid a large up-front sum and then smaller annual maintenance fees, CRM software providers are now moving towards monthly or annual subscription fees to access CRM software on the Internet. The various pricing schemes can create confusion among buyers as they try to assess the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) of different CRM services priced under various schemes. 

For example, there are still several companies offering license-based pricing models. Also, some companies offer both a subscription option in addition to a perpetual license option.  

The following document provides a comparative price analysis of leading CRM providers. It takes into consideration several costs, including user license or subscription costs, as well as potential server licenses and other additional cost considerations such as mobile access to the CRM data and system. In some instances, maintenance of the system is an additional charge to consider as well.  

Hardware costs, such as servers, security firewalls, and other associated costs such as human capital, which are needed to maintain these systems, have not been included in this cost analysis. This is due to the fact that several of the CRM solutions listed here are offered under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-computing model, and hardware is not needed to run these systems. Instead, this paper will focus mainly on the fees associated with licensing and deploying the following CRM offerings. All price information is sourced from reputable web sites and referenced throughout the analysis.  

Microsoft CRM White Papers

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CRM Vendors Considered in this Whitepaper:   

  • ACT!
  • SageCRM
  • Sage SalesLogix
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SugarCRM

Free Sugar CRM Evaluation PDF

Sugar CRM 6 - Free CRM Assessment PDFClick here to access and download our Free Sugar CRM PDF.

With this PDF, you will be able to identify the key enhancements within Sugar CRM.

Topics addressed include:

  1. Calculated Fields
  2. Favorites and Favorites Dashlet
  3. Twitter and Social Media integration
  4. Reporting (filtering, scheduling)
  5. User interface improvements (there are many!)
  6. Sugar Mobile 1.0 details
  7. and much more.

Free ACT! Detailed Feature Review

Sage ACT! Premium 2011 - Free Feature Review and Assessment PDFClick here to access our Free Sage ACT! Feature Review.

With this PDF, you will be able to identify the key enhancements within ACT!.

Items addressed include:

  1. User interface enhancements
  2. Social Media
  3. E-Marketing, Mail-Merge and Online Surveys
  4. Sales Opportunity redesign
  5. Flexible Reporting, Dashboard and OLEDB interface
  6. Advanced Outlook Integration and Invitations
  7. Advanced Outlook Sync for Contacts and Calendar
  8. Simplified Importing design
  9. Smart Tasks (Workflow)
  10. Advanced Lead Management and Importing
  11. Administrative improvements
  12. and much more.

Free Cost/Price Calculator for CRM Business Systems

Free CRM TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculator ToolClick here to download our Free CRM TCO Calculator Spreadsheet.

With this tool, you will be able to identify the key TCO line items that are relevant for any CRM implementation. We have also included data for comparing CRM software systems such as Microsoft CRM,, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix and more. You will be able to view the 3 Year and 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership for both SaaS (Online/On-Demand) and Licensed (On-premise) pricing models.

TCO line items include:

  1. Annual License/User price
  2. Support
  3. Hardware (incl. Server and Users)
  4. Implementation
  5. Staff
  6. Network
  7. Mobile
  8. and much more.

Free Excel Tool to Contrast CRM Systems

Free Excel CRM Comparison Tool - Comparing 10 of the Top CRM SolutionsClick here to access and download our Free Excel CRM Comparison and Contrast Tool.

With this tool, you will be able to identify the key similarilites and differences between 9 of the top CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage SalesLogix, GoldMine, Sage ACT!, Pivotal and more.

Comparison Topics include:

  1. Key CRM Features
  2. Pricing (Licensing, etc..)
  3. Available Modules (e.g. SFA, Marketing, Service, etc)
  4. Feature Details (Sync, Call Center, Quoting, E-commerce, Lead Management, Security, Workflow, and much more.
  5. Hardware and Network support (Microsoft, Linux, etc…)
  6. Industry/NAICS

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