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Microsoft CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help your organization acquire and retain customers and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. At its core, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a robust account management system that automatically tracks sales opportunities, activities and revenue.

Microsoft CRM - Sales, Service, and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to perform and automate many common business tasks, including:

  • Easily access information about business records from one place.
  • Schedule activities, track them, and send e-mail.
  • Generate reports.
  • Manage marketing lists.
  • Track advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Sort customer responses to your sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Keep detailed notes and an activity history for each business record.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM also can run from within Microsoft Office Outlook.


Sales Force Automation

Sales departments can use Sales Force Automation to track sales-related activities and revenue. This system includes analytical, operational, and collaborative tools that you can use to improve and maintain good customer relations.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing departments can use Marketing Automation to manage many marketing-related activities.

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Customer Service Management

The Customer Service area is designed specifically to meet the needs of customer support and product support departments that handle telephone, e-mail, and Web-based service requests from customers.

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Microsoft CRM Resource Center

Download Microsoft CRM resources including spec sheets, brochures, whitepapers and more.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps enterprise organizations to:

  • Attain a 360-degree view of customers
  • Achieve reliable user adoption
  • Adapt quickly to business change
  • Accelerate project delivery and returns
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Suite

Availability, Performance, Scalability

Scale efficiently to the needs of the largest global deployments with a CRM solution that is highly available and responsive. Take complete control with flexible options for load balancing and clustering for data and transaction volume, and configuring and optimizing for speed and bandwidth requirements. Best of all you can do all this economically with standard Microsoft technology tools and skills.

  • Optimize performance with technologies that use established skills and standard optimization techniques, including Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft SQL Server® database software, and Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Configure to meet bandwidth requirements with highly flexible options for delivering responsive performance over the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).
  • Scale up and out with load balancing, web farm clustering, exchange clustering, SQL Server mirroring to flexibly meet the needs of large or small enterprise deployments.
  • Deploy for scalability with on-demand, on-premise, and mixed model options all based on the same data model and service grid architecture.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Architecture

Microsoft CRM – What’s New?

The new Dynamics CRM will offer a whole range of more than 500 new features, additions, add-ons and enhancements that promise to strengthen Microsoft CRM’s position as a frontrunner in the CRM market.

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Microsoft CRM – Online

You might still be wondering which deployment method for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be the best. Online CRM has a lot of benefits. See why Microsoft has invested heavily in their Online solution.

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Microsoft CRM – Outlook Integration

One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft CRM is the new Outlook client. Now you never have to leave Outlook to work in CRM.

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Microsoft CRM – Sharepoint Integration

Microsoft CRM and CRM Online now supports full integration with SharePoint.

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Microsoft CRM – Upgrade Scenarios

Find out about the different upgrade scenarios for Microsoft CRM

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