Accent Gold Solutions

Connecting Utilities, Agencies, Customers, and Trade Partners

We provide energy efficiency software with emphasis on rebate application tracking and reporting for Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs.

For the last 15 years, our energy clients have been empowered to achieve their targets.

Our DSM Tracking System solutions, Dynamic DSM and RAMP, have been the right platform for Trade Allies, Utilities and Energy Efficiency organizations – to cost effectively manage energy efficiency programs and demand-side management projects.

As Microsoft Dynamics partners, we are confident that the solutions we deliver include the #1 cloud security available – and will remain future-proof for the coming years.

Accent Gold Solutions

Since 1998, our team has provided custom CRM solutions. Since 2006, we have delivered custom DSM & EE Systems.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best Energy Efficiency solutions.

Our ambition is singular.  We want you to love the software that runs your day-to-day operations.

Our aim is to make sure your system is optimized so that your users will find enormous value in using it.

Our core principle is to embody the Golden Rule in a business setting – to do for our clients what we would want done for us.

This includes honesty, integrity, generosity and service among our team as well as those with whom we do business

Small Utilities are frequently short on resources. A DSM team may be forced to embody multiple roles.

As Program Managers, you are often too busy to strategically modernize your programs management.

RAMP is designed to support you with template-based blueprinting.

Our User Experience Mantra


“It should be easy to use – like my iPhone”

Software should make sense. It should leverage a standard mobile interface.


“It should save me time”

Software should make my life easier and automate tasks for me.


“It just needs to work”

Software should be well-tested so that all types of users can rest assured it will work.


“I  want to make updates – all by myself”

Software should be easy for my administrators to configure