Features & Functions of CAP

CAP is a mobile app that allows contractors and trade allies to perform home energy audits as well as provide recommendations, generate proposals, and convert proposals to applications. CAP leverages the Microsoft Dynamics suite of functionality to provide a feature-rich mobile platform within a secure framework.


Perform Audits and energy assessments

The auditor is able to conduct a room-by-room examination of the residence, as well as a thorough analysis of past utility bills


Perform pre-assessment to determine the customer’s “as-is” status

The auditor is able log information relevant to every aspect of the building — and track the details in a manner that can be utilized for reports, recommendations, and proposals.


The software is designed from HPXML standards

The entire platform is HPXML compliant, including all fields, objects, and components. Data can be uploaded/downloaded as required.


Perform inspections (aka post-audits) to validate the installation or update of efficient equipment. 

The auditor is able to perform a room-by-room examination of the residence – including comparison of details to the pre-assessment. 

Company Overview

Managers are able to view all activity in their organization.

Managers are able to view all audits, projects, reports, and proposals for each individual contractor in their organization.

Contractor View

Individual contractors are able to view their own audits and projects.

Individual contractors are able to view their own audits, projects, reports, proposals, activities, and more.

Field Service

Organizations can manage their field staff

Managers are able to leverage the field service module to manage staff, calendaring, inventory, teams, trucks, availability, and more.


Contractors are able to view and manage their schedules.

Scheduling and availability can be viewed and managed at the level of an individual contractors as well as across the entire organization.

Customer Info

Populate customer information

The auditor is able to log customer details. All audits and activity can be viewed on the customer record.

Home Info

Populate home information

The auditor is able to log home/address information. All audits and activity can be viewed on the home/address record.


Attach pictures to the audit

The app allows users to snap pictures and immediately attach them to the audit record for use in the audit report.


Document Attachments

Attach documents to the audit

CAP allows auditors to leverage native mobile functionality to scan and attach documents. Alternatively, users can upload documents they have received via email.


Associate Measures with each Audit

You are able to configure the Measure Library, allowing you to add measure recommendations to the proposal. Measures savings and incentives can be calculated.

Calculated Measures

 Calculate Savings and Incentives

Incentives and Savings can be calculated via our configurable calculation tool. Where more complexity is needed, we also have integrated with ESPCalcs, a software tool by ESPLabs.

Status Tracking

Tracking the status of building components

The auditor is able to track all building details as well as the progress status for each component.

Proposal Tracking

Track your Proposals

Generate energy efficiency proposals and track their progress through the entire process including forecasting and conversion to applications.


View dashboards of all audits and projects

The auditor is able to view a dashboard, displaying their own audits, projects, reports, proposals, activity, and more. 


Generate Recommendations

The auditor is able to provide recommendations based on the needs of the customer. These can be utilized for the Home Report as well as for the Proposal.


Generate detailed proposals.

The auditor is able to log the existing building equipment as well as the recommended updates or replacements — followed by generating a full proposal for the customer, including savings and incentives.

Email/Print the Proposals

Email or Print the proposal

The auditor is able to send the proposal to the customer via Email. Alternatively, if connected to a printer, they can also select the print option.

Digital Signature

Digitally sign/approve the proposal


The customer is able to use the digital signature function to confirm the audit, approve the proposal, or sign-off on a rebate application.


Convert Proposals


Convert proposals to applications


The auditor is able to generate applications — directly from the proposal. The system will automatically copy all information from the proposal to the new application, saving the both the auditor and customer time.


Track Applications

  Track applications from beginning to end


The customer and the auditor are able to view the status of the application throughout the process. 


Tablet/iPad interface


Auditors are able to perform their tasks directly from an iPad or tablet. Alternatively, they may also utilize laptops — or go back and forth as needed.



Laptop Access

Some functionality, such as managing reports and dashboards, may be more convenient on a laptop rather than a mobile device. Users are able to login from both mobile and laptop to access information and perform tasks.


  Log existing equipment 

During the audit process, the user is able to record all existing equipment. This provides all parties with a detailed “as-is” status for the home/building.








Home Report

Generate a Home Report.

The auditor can generate a report and is able to preselect which building components, documents, and photos to include or exclude.

Copy from Pre-Audit

Copy data from Pre-Audit to Post-Audit. 

To save time, the auditor is able to view their captured Pre-Audit data, while performing the Post-Audit. To speed up the process, the Auditor can simply hit the “Copy from Pre-Audit” button, followed by editing those pasted Post-Audit details if needed. 

Email Notifications

Keep customers informed.

Emails notifications are sent to the customer to inform them of the audit details and project status. Contractors are able to turn the notifications on or of.