We understand Project Management. Our internal PMO is equipped with the tools to deliver in any environment.

Project Management

Our PMO assigns a dedicated Project Manager to each implementation project. You get our full set of PM services and process best practices as well as the full array of business and software tools.

Rollout Process

Our most popular implementation process includes the 10 stages/phases outlined in the illustration.


Our PMO is equipped to utilize predictive, adaptive, or hybrid project management frameworks to meet the needs of our client’s preferred governance framework. 


Project Management

Our PM team utilizes a range of project management tools to track, report, and communicate the health of the project. Our team most commonly utilizes MS Project when working with vendor PMs to communicate the project schedule..


Predictive, Adaptive, and Hybrid Frameworks

Our implementation project framework has evolved over the years from a predictive (waterfall) to a hybrid framework. What has been most valuable to our clients has been our ability to take an iterative approach to deliver functioning software in short increments. This has allowed us to meet the needs of our client’s highest priorities in a timely manner, while continually improving the custom DSM tracking experience.

TOOL #1: Customer Service Portal

Our Dynamics 365 service management system allows for creation and tracking of Service Requests (aka Tickets) as well as all related monitoring and reporting.

 This includes a client facing portal, which enables seamless communication between the Accent Gold service management team and the client. This provides transparency and shorter paths to issue resolution.

 Each of our clients is provided a custom web interface, where they are able to create tickets and view progress towards rapid resolution. This include the Email Notification options that can be turned on or off where desired.

TOOL #2: Dynamics 365 PSA

We leverage Dynamics 365 PSA (Project Service Automation) internally for the purposes of Resource Planning, Operations Tracking, Project Schedule management, and Invoicing.

TOOL #3: Azure Dev Ops


Microsoft Azure DEV OPS provides Project Management tools that are vital to our Planning, Development, Delivery, and Operations.

Backlog Grooming and Spring Planning are the two key benefits that our DEV OPS tool uses within the Agile methodology.

We utilize this for planning our Test Iterations (create, test, monitor, etc.). We also track the health of the overall project through the Reporting Tools provided here.



Our team takes a custom hybrid approach to project implementation (based on our extensive experience working with a wide variety of client PMOs).

We often utilize Kanban methodology tools (Kanban Board) to limit work-in-progress. This allows our implementation team to leverage the pull work approach to maximize flow and reduce bottlenecks.



The DEV OPS Test Plan includes full test cases and functionality, including workflows, user functions, and uploads/integration. 



The DEV OPS Dashboard provides a quick overview of all tickets in the system.



The Burnup and Burndown reports.

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