We provide effective support plans as well as support tools & services – to ensure that our software products continue to provide value at all times.

Support Services


Support Contract

We provide different levels of support to accommodate various the specific needs of our clients.

 Service Level 1 includes our team technical support for the system, as your team provides configuration and customization of the system.  

Service Level 2 includes a dedicated support team who intimately knows and understands your particular configuration and integration pieces. 

Service Level 3 provides the dedicated support team and additionally includes extensive configuration and customization services.

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base covers training and troubleshooting support for all topics required for administrators, configurators, users and partners.  This online tool is constantly updated to reflect the most recent version of our system.


Ticketing Portal

We provide our clients a ticketing portal for logging tickets and tracking status through to resolution. 



We provide both onsite and web-based training.

Admin Training covers topics such as Dynamics, Program config, and Measure maintenance.

Power User Training covers the ability to perform all activities for each program, including  all aspects of approvals and processing.

Partner Training ensures that vendors are empowered to properly fill out online portal applications, as well as view and pull reports.



Microsoft Dynamics 365

MS Dynamics as a platform includes security, tracking, automations, portal, and mobile access – as well as reports and dashboards. 

Microsoft provides technical support for the hosting platform and all related issues. 


Uptime Guarantee

Microsoft Azure hosting provides a financially backed 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

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